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EBay is a famous online trading site of the internet. Many people find it easy to buy on eBay. However, though you may find numerous products worthy of buying from eBay, it is always better for you to follow some guidelines before you intend to buy on eBay.

The most important rule to follow when you buy on eBay is to read all there is to offer about the product. This is because the item description that comes along with the product is there for a reason. It helps you learn more about the item, and the kind of seller you are interacting with.

If you intend to buy on eBay, it is very important that you first find out if the seller is ready to ship the product to your country. If there is no mention of the word ‘worldwide’ in the description, keep searching. Sometimes, if there is no mention of shipping the product to your country, the seller may be willing to ship it to you. However, this is not always the case as many sellers list specific countries as they will only ship to these countries.

If it is clothes you intend to buy on eBay, it is better to find out the size and specifications before buying. If there is no such information on the item description, use the ‘contact seller’ button before you buy. Large, medium and small are vague descriptions for clothing as different companies produce according to different specifications.

It is always better to get the actual measurements of clothing before you buy on eBay. Find out the actual color of the clothes as different monitors of computers give different displays of a single color. Also find out if there is any flaw in the clothes, or if it is new, used or flawed. Remember, the seller need not spend much time mentioning all this information in the description. You have the right to seek such information.

Always make sure that there are pictures of the product you intend to buy on eBay. There is no point in buying from a seller who does not even have a poor quality photo of the product. A photo of the product indicates that the seller actually has the product to be sold. So it is basically better to have business with sellers of clear, well lit color photos of the product they intend to sell.

When you venture to buy on eBay, it is important that the seller obliges to your method of payment. Find out if the seller has any requirements. Some sellers sell only to those with some feedback points, local buyers, people with confirmed PayPal addresses or other specifications.

Also find out if there is any return policy on the product you intend to buy on eBay. It is better to opt for a product that can be returned/exchanged if you are not happy with the size and color. Whenever you buy on eBay, eBay’s policy states that the transaction took place because you had agreed to the terms of the sale. So you can never say you were not aware of this fact if you are not happy with the product.


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