Own an eBay Store

The online site, eBay is a wonderful place to visit and surf for products that you have always wanted to buy or sell. And on these sites, you find the concept of eBay stores where it is possible for people to place items they wish to sell. There is basically nothing special involved to own an eBay store.

To own an eBay store, all you have to do is to visit the eBay stores site and click the open store button. With this, you are entitled for a free trial before you can actually own an eBay store and open it for business. First you have to pick a theme you want for the eBay store.

You can choose whichever design you want for the eBay store; but it is basically better to make a choice from the eBay options that are appropriate. You then have to add the name of your store, description and logo. If required, you can also use an eBay photo for your logo, or upload a logo for the eBay store. Once you own an eBay store, you can change the logo for something different.

The next step to own an eBay store lies in choosing the subscription level that suits your budget and needs. You can choose between a basic subscription, featured subscription or an anchor subscription that offers monthly charges. The anchor subscription is the most expensive; but it is always better to start with the basic subscription as you get a month’s free trial here.

On choosing the subscription level that you prefer, you just have to click ‘Start My Subscription Now’ wherein you can own an eBay store. Once you own an eBay store, you just have to list the items you wish to sell on the eBay store like you would list on any other normal eBay page.

Once you own an eBay store, you can list a set of the fixed priced items on a page of the store and on another page, a list of the special offers you have. Adding the logo of your store, with an introduction to your business and its policies are important when you own an eBay store. This is because prospective buyers can thus search the store you own for items they need.

When you own an eBay store, you can consider it to be your own e-commerce site where you can list your items for a longer time. You can list your products for about 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. If you want, you can also list your products permanently, while paying monthly for its listing.

When you own an eBay store, there is no need of you listing specific articles. You are permitted to make listings of any and all products you intend to sell ranging from baby clothes to bridal wear to computer equipment and even industrial and machinery parts. You may find it surprising to learn that even many real estate owners and car dealers too own an eBay store.


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