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Today eBay is the number one option for many would-be entrepreneurs wishing to sell from their home. Trading on eBay has become a great home business opportunity for many. However though it is possible to sell practically everything on eBay, it should be known to the prospective seller that there are some products that are not permitted to sell on eBay.

Most items are copyright infringement products which are not permitted to sell no eBay. This may land the seller in prison. Knock offs of different music, TV shows and movies are not permitted to sell on eBay. A perfect example is the people who sneak cameras into a newly released movie to create a ‘bootleg’ movie while crouching behind a camera. The copy is always crummy, and not worth investing in.

It is known that software and computer games can be copied and sold through the internet. However, this is not permitted, and termed illegal by US laws. However, these products can be sold if and when you had bought a copy legitimately previously, but no longer want to use it.

Products belonging to the ‘replica’ market for designer sunglasses, clothing and handbags are forbidden to sell on eBay. Though these products are sold in physical stores in the US, it is not permitted to sell on eBay. There are also some lazy and cunning sellers who aim at stealing copyrighted material from others, and then sell on eBay.

This is something that is not permitted for a seller to sell on eBay. There is a program called VERO (Verified Rights Owner) in eBay which removes such offending products on auction. However, there is unfortunately no penalty attached to the seller for such an offence. Another product that is not permitted to sell on eBay is alcoholic beverages.

If required, it is permitted to sell alcoholic beverage containers, especially containers of wine, at its value. It is not permitted for a seller to sell on eBay products having tobacco like cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and even the various coupons available for such items.

It is not permitted for anyone to sell firearms on eBay. It is forbidden by US law to sell on eBay guns, revolvers and other firearms that are dangerous to people. In addition to this, the Federal Trade Commission forbids people to sell on eBay any of the satellite and cable TV descramblers.

It is not permitted by anyone to sell on eBay products related to animals and wildlife. This includes stuffed birds and pelts of endangered species. Sales of ivory, marine products, tortoise shell and other products related to animals are limitedly sold in eBay. As this is a delicate topic, if you wish to sell on eBay animal related products, you have to first understand rules pertaining to this to avoid falling in trouble.

It is not actually advised to try to sell on eBay event tickets as they have different laws in different states. Some states don’t permit people to make more than a few dollars, or even make no profit at all in the resale of tickets. So before you venture to sell on eBay, it is better to check out which products can and cannot be sold on eBay before venturing into the beautiful world of eBay.


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